Medway Dog Park


Once inside the dog park gates, unleash your pet.  You will quickly see how excited your best friend becomes as your pet enjoys the freedom to run, play, and socialize with other dogs.  Medway Dog Park is a great place for dogs and their people to have fun and make friends.

Note: All dogs and owners in the surrounding area are welcome but you must first get a (free) dog park license.  For an application, click here.

Important Info At a Glance

Park Hours

Weekdays 6:30 AM to DUSK

Weekends/Holidays 8:00 AM to DUSK

The park closes at 8:00 PM or DUSK (whichever is earlier) every day.

Local Contact Numbers

Emergency 911

Police Department (508) 533-9044

Medway Animal Control (508) 533-3251

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Nancy Murdock and 

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Our new shed!
Designed and built by member Dan Bergeron.  Click here to learn about our new addition.The_%22Dog_House%22.htmlshapeimage_4_link_0